MALAYSIA 2010 - The Shyness of Trees mosaic project

The MOSAIC OF ART moved its headquarters to the heart of Georgetown on the island of Penang in Malaysia for a special project. Sponsored by prominent Malaysian architect and arts patrons, Angela Hijjas and Hijjas Kasturi, three Australian artists and I collaborated in the design, fabrication and installation of an architecturally integrated mosaic. The setting is a block of post WW II Chinese shop houses that were restored/renovated/converted into a boutique hotel, the Hotel Penaga

We were given a granite pavement walkway and an adjacent end wall for our work. My colleagues were Helen Bodycomb, whose relationship with the family was established during an artist residency in 2005, led to this opportunity; Glenn Romanis, who visited the site with Helen a year before to lay groundwork and Dominic (Dom) Johns from Cairns, who has taught with Helen and been friends with Glenn and me for years. 

A local (Penang) profile of the Hotel Penaga - now in full bloom - includes an image of Shyness as part of the completed decor. Makes me want to return immediately! And Dom wrote a lovely description of the project too. Be sure to check out Dom's mosaic work while on his site.

Audio interviews will follow. Check back!

Malaysia slideshow