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The Mosaic of Art explores the making and distribution of visual art by talking with artists, curators, webmasters, dealers, coaches, publishers, about their creative processes. Through both formal and informal interviews we engage the big themes: identity, memory, process, spirituality, etc. But we also talk about practical issues in an art professional's working life: tools and materials, organization, dealing with the business of making a living.


If this sounds like a conversation that you would like to take part in, please investigate the rest of the site, where you will find a wide array of interviews, generally arranged by locations and events. On www.blogspotradio.com/MosaicOfArt you can find  recorded broadcasts dating back to December, 2009.  

Additional informal interviews are collected on my Cinch page. 

Why “The MOSAIC OF ART?” A mosaic is a pattern or picture that’s made of hundreds or thousands of small units – whether glass, ceramic, stone or some other material – that are organized to create a coherent image.

BRIT HAMMER, Four Seasons

In a comparable way, we find artists and other players in the art/design world working with 

                                                                            BRIT HAMMER, Four Seasons

different ideas and materials, but – looked at collectively – sharing in an enterprise we can call ART. This show will give voice to the individuals and also look into the ideas and themes they share. Check back here for updates - also on my BLOG. 



George Fishman received a fine arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and teaching certification from Colorado State University in 1976. His college studies included painting, sculpture, drawing, art history, ceramics and industrial arts and in subsequent years he worked in construction, aircraft welding and exhibition preparation prior to beginning his mosaic career                   



GEORGE FISHMAN, Coastal Reflections of Fort Walton Beach 



His mastery of mosaic methods comes principally from years of experimentation, beginning in the late 1980s, by copying ancient mosaics. 

In recent years he has also presented workshops to deepen and share his skills. He has given historic, technical and design presentations at professional conferences and to architecture students in the U.S. and abroad.

 His commissioned projects grace hospitality, religious and private settings across the country.

CARLOS ALVES, Sea Creatures fountain - Art Center/South Florida - Lincoln Road Mall, Miami Beach 



He has served on several boards and helped start a non-profit arts organization on Miami Beach in the mid-1980’s. He was co-editor of Groutline, SAMA's newsletter for five years and also has contributed to several books and written articles for trade publications. In Nov., 2010, he wrote the introduction to Irit Levy and Pam Givens' book, Mosaic Fine Art Portraits.


George Fishman

103 NE 99 Street

Miami Shores, FL 33138


Skype: miamimosaics

Facebook: see link at right


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